The situation in Italy about the Coronavirus emergency is truly surreal. In some regions of our country hospitals are collapsing. We are trying to limit contagions, but fighting against something that is not seen is something that perhaps none of us had ever experienced. There is a strange silence around, few people walking and few cars…We  have to stay at home, we can’t go out our common, there is police to control that, and we can’t stay near our families.

The good news is that in places where there have been very strict measures, the infection has been canceled. We hope that italian people will take these steps responsibly, to restart soon.  This is a war we all have to fight together, and we will succeed.

We invite all European friends to reduce contacts, which are really dangerous in this periodo.

A big virtual hug to all italian care leavers and friends, hoping this situation end as soon as possible.

(Agevolando association staff)