I got into the care system relatively late. If I wasn’t then who knows exactly how it would all end. I don’t even want to think of possible outcomes.

As a teenager at the age of 16, I ended with thirty other kids with lot of ​​difficulties and problems. Listening to their stories, I realized that my situation it wasn’t so bad, but I wanted more from life.

My experience with the institution was quite ok and I used that time best as I could. I was telling myself: “Finish the school and get the most out of it”, and that’s what I did.

After graduating from high school, I came out from the care system and it was then that I felt for the first time what it meant to be a grownup. Thrown into life alone. As I am in health profession, I had to find an internship that was paid very poorly, but I was ready for anything just to get that license and be able to make money on my own. In the internship, I learned how to tighten my belt and realized that my needs are very humble. When you live with 50 kunas (7 EUR) a day you know how much afford for yourself. To be able to go out on Saturday with friends I ate sandwiches whole week. Now that I think of it, I find it funny.

When I finished my internship, I ended on the employment Bureau. I told myself it couldn’t be that difficult. After a million requests I find a seasonal job on the seaside (not in my profession). 6 months of pain, but I knew that I am working for a fresh start. After that period, I literally started a new life and found a job in my profession and was noticed and recommended for a better job, where I still work today. Even today I meet people who remember me and thank me for my care and assistance.

I am really proud of myself and of what I have become, and I want to tell you that only by persistence and hard work you can succeed and when all your ships sink and you think you are lost, there is always a way, always a solution. If you can’t alone, ask for the help, knock on doors and they will open, all you have to do is ask. If I managed, so can you.