I am Davide, I am 28 years old, I live in Verona (Italy) and I spent about 13 years outside the family. Mainly in foster care with families but I also had a little experience in a community.

I am currently a nurse: a profession that realizes me a lot.

The difficulties I had to face after I turned 18 were many: both emotional and practical and organizational.

How to compile a good resume? What work is suitable for me? How to choose an apartment? How to change the residence? And the bank account?

All the questions I asked myself – legitimate questions that every boy asks himself – when I was for the first time alone, adult and by the law capable of looking after myself.

Emotionally I was a little confused: little self-esteem, the feeling of not being able to succeed, of making a mess, of choosing wrong or hasty. Little confidence in my means.

Luckily, by my side I had people who guided me and encouraged me to improve my life even more!

I would say to guys like me: true, it’s difficult. But not impossible. We had difficulties but we have incredible resources: just find them and use them to the best.

The path is tortuous but we have lots of courage!