I was born in Pakistan 23 years ago, my name is Almas. I arrived in Italy when I was 8 and a half years old, together with my parents and my four brothers.
I remember the first impact with the school: I didn’t even know a word of Italian and it was traumatic.
Then a very difficult period started for me: my parents’ divorce, my father’s new marriage and unfortunately his continued violence against us children.
At one point the measure was full and we decided to ask the Juvenile Court for help. From that moment a new phase of my life began, with the inclusion in a community.
Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. What has always saved me has been the ability to establish positive relationships with others. With Cristina, one of the educators, I am still in contact today and I consider her a friend.
When I went to school I didn’t tell anyone that I lived in community: I wanted to show myself strong and confident. I didn’t want them to treat me like a poor thing, I wanted to be the best without privileges.
Today, however, thanks to a project by the Municipality of Trento, I go to schools to meet students. I tell everyone my experience and I finally realized that there is nothing to be ashamed of. And finally I know that I have no fault for what happened to me. I think it’s very important for us kids to go to school and tell students about us.
I want share the message that we care leavers are equal to all the others, we are not marginalized or weird! It’s true, we had families with difficulties, but let’s face it, nobody has a completely normal family. Every family has got its problems.
I really like the idea of ​​being able to help other kids and make my experience available.