Many care leavers left their home country searching for job. Nemanja is one of them and last year he moved to China. He sent us actual description of life in China with everyday threat of coronavirus:

“I am currently based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, southern China, where I have been living and working for the last 6 months. The situation has been alarming for the past week as the number of infected people in the city has increased to over 200. Since recently, borders to Russia, Mongolia and Hong Kong have been closed.

Wearing protective masks is mandatory; citizens are measured at temperatures at subway entrances, shops and intersections. People strictly adhere to instructions, there is no panic, and logistics and organization are at the highest level.

My friend and I spend our days in the apartment, like most people here. Once a day we go to the supermarket for food and the most basic things. I do not feel fear and believe that I will protect my health with prudent and responsible behaviour. Also, I follow the diet and hygiene guidelines. I expect that all the measures taken will be successful and that the further spread of the virus will stop soon“.