For the third episode of our column, this week we are even traveling to Canada to meet! Thanks to Sarah Kothlow, project coordinator.

How and when was born? is a resource website that was developed in 2014 and launched in 2015. It was developed through consultations with youth through out British Columbia in response to the need for supports before, during and after transitioning from care.

What are the main activities you carry out? is a resource website, youth can participate in gamified quests to learn about specific topics and can also learn about services and resources through our information pages. Our topics cover subjects such as Education, Health and Wellness, Housing, ID needs, Money and Income and Personal life.

What is the situation of care leavers in your country? What’s missing? What would care leavers need? 

Youth age out of care in BC at age 19. If a youth is attending post secondary or participating in a lifeskills program, they are eligible for an Agreement with Young Adults (AYA). This provides them with support for living costs for a total of 48 months. Youth are eligible for this program up until their 27th birthday.

There is a need for more supports for young people who age out of care. There is a push currently from the youth in care community for more universal supports and a wider range of eligibility for the AYA program.

How to stay in touch with you and support your organization?

Our website is and our email address is