The European Association of Schools of Social Work and the Tallinn University, Estonia announce the 2021 European Conference on Social Work Education, which aims be an international forum for debating innovation, concerns, challenges and practices in social work education.

Title of the Conference: “Innovation and Resilience: preparedness of Social Work Education in uncertain times”.

The overarching themes of the conference are innovation, resilience and preparedness of social work education (Swe) to learn from times of uncertainty and build on these lessons for the future. Social cohesion has been challenged in the past decades through ongoing human rights abuse, challenges in human service delivery and human crises. At the same time, European societies have been immensely challenged as a result of the recent socio-economic and public health crises. These have resulted in challenges for social welfare systems, social organisation and individual lifestyles. Therefore, issues and questions are rising on the preparedness of SWE to respond to new demands for students, practitioners and service users, including new forms of liaising within and between these groups of people, new ways of making sense of SW practice and its impact on peoples’ lives as well as how this can make a difference and new pedagogical approaches to trigger the transformation of SW students’ worldview. This conference aims to address such issues through rigorous and challenging discussions.

The Conference will take place from 15 to 18 June 2021.

Conference will take place virtually! Access to conference web platform will be sent to all registered participants during the day of June 14 (Monday), 2021.

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The experience of Agevolando from Italy and of Care Leavers Network Europe will be presented thanks to the interventions of Diletta Mauri, Maria Chiara Vita Finzi, Navyndia Appuhan with Floriana Grassi (Asit Association).