That had always been a theme in my life: being member of theatre groups.

Often, that had lead to the problem that I couldn`t learn all of the expected topics in my education (school).

I was part of a theatre-project of “deutsches theater” (Production: “Lord of Flies”, Author Story: William Golding, when I was in care. In a team, we explored living on an isle without parents in a minecraft computer-game on a screen, and on stage.

Then, I used to learn how to live in my own flat. I could link that team to the production.

When I was little, I have played a theatre role on stage in a musical-theatre in the quarter of Berlin, where I grew up.

I liked exploring new forms of communication on stage, for example, to talk to the adult actors and actresses and to play with the other children.

When I was in care, I joined another theatre group, that was called “Die Zwiefachen”. I learned a lot of new things, such as being accepted in a group and also being criticized by other group members.

Nowadays, I don`t play theatre roles. It can be difficult to be member of a theatre group or a production meanwhile a graduation and a therapy setting.

It can be hard to find a family in theatre groups, when you don’t study performing arts, I learned. Because a production is always designed to exist for a period of time and then, the teams change. In theatre groups, it has been easy for me to connect with other people. Often, my social behavior was criticized.

All in all, I liked connecting with other people in groups and creating plays on stage.

(A., Germany)