As we know love comes in all shapes and sizes.
My childhood was marked by one being who gave me love and care that I simple didn’t get from my parents. When I was supposed to get up at 6am in the morning and get ready for school on a cold winter days, she would come to me, curl up under my blanket, and rub against my body as if trying to explain to me that time flies and that I need to get up.
When I came home tired of being frustrated by the situation I live in, she would quickly run to me, looking at me as if she was trying to comfort me. She was always with me, at my desk, in bed, on the street, always with me, even in my closet, where the two of us would sometimes hide from the ugly reality.
The reason I chose to write about something like a cat is very simple – love.
Little things like a helpless creature can completely change the view on something so big in your lives that you yearn for, or something that left deep wounds.

(L.O., 18/ period of memory 12, Croatia)