The object that changed my life in childhood was an mp4-player.
I was a very fearful and shy child and music changed me showing me new perspectives.
I was going to school listening to music all the way. My mp4-player was the object that I valuated most, I was sleeping with it so the other children not to steal it.
It showed with the music that I was listened beautiful people that helped me to be a more beautiful man into society, to graduate highschool.
I love music and I was my house full of speakers, the things that I most value.
The mp4-player I received from Dino, an italian guy that wanted to adopt me. He took me to his house in the summer holiday and he offered me happy moments that I still remember with pleasure.
This italian family, during my childhood from 8 to 14 years came twice a year, every summer and winter holiday. I stiil keep in touch with them.
After all those years I meet them again in 2019 in Italy. It was a pleasure to meet them again and hug them. I love both of them very much and for all the good moments they offered me I will never forget them.

(T., Romania)