I deserve better than this. After care to where?

The day is near I’m getting worried,

I’m turning eigtheen I’ll be out in a hurry.

This is causing a great deal of stress,

Why does the State want me out in a hurry?


My Aftercare Worker has come to me twice,

I don’t really know him but I think it’s nice.

How can I live on my own.

I still use the floor as my wardrobe.


If I was able to live at home,

Turning eighteen I wouldn’t be out on my home.

It’s such a worry and getting near,

Oh how I love my placement here.


I wish I was sixteen again,

Not a worry or my life up in the air.

I’ve been moved around from place to place,

Now I’m settled, I’ve found my place.


Pleas Mr Social Worker leave me here,

I’ve heard bad thing about those hostels and it’s creating fear.

What have I done wrong to be treated like this.

The State is my parent and I deserve better than this.


(Shane Griffin, Ireland)


We publish this poem from the site www.shanewgriffin.com/poetry-new/ in memory of our beloved Shane, who left us on January 1, 2020.

He has struggled all his life for the rights of care leavers and we will never forget him.