In this movie, Ford says «This is an insidious form of genocide when a white woman wants to adopt a black girl. A white woman does not know the needs of a black child in our society». Seriously?
In orphanage no one asks your opinion, everything is decided for you. Institutions (like orphanages, courts) do not give you the possibility to say a word, and if you do, they also accuse you for what you have said.
They repeat: «Everyone here works for your good». What kind of good? For good of the child or for good of the institution? How do they know what is good for me?
Seriously? Then, in my case, genocide is keep on studying at the university and live a wonderful life.
But for orphanage, for an institution, it’s correct to send me to nursing home, because I am an orphan with a disability. For them, I am just a tick in their documents. In their documents where it is said where I go further, without my consent.
«Black children should be in black families», means I should be in retirement home for the elderly, because people with disabilities are expelled from the society.
I do not agree, I have my own opinion, voice and my own life. If my friends did not help me in that moment, I would not be able to graduate with honors, I would not be able to find important job, I would not be able to become the happiest person.
The main need of life is love. And a white woman can give love to a black girl, as love can be given from friends who see an incredible value in you.

(O., 27 years, Ukraine)